About Me

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My name is Priyanshu, and I am based in Pune, India. Currently, I am associated with Equal Experts as a Lead QA Consultant.

With over a decade of experience in the field of Software Testing, I had opportunity to work with various companies like Ness, Nexus AB, ThoughtWorks.

I believe there is a common story for most software testers in the industry—they are often seen as robots tasked with converting test cases into executable code (automated test) or manually validating software based on a spreadsheet full of test scenarios. I, too, commenced my journey as one of them. The initial half of my career was focused on test automation, primarily involved in building test automation frameworks with tons of features. 😀

However, in the latter half of my career, I’ve transitioned into a broader QA role. Over the past 7-8 years, I’ve become a QA professional not confined to manual or automation testing but a generalist with a holistic understanding of the system, engaging in areas like UX, DevOps, and Business, pairing with different roles in the team to enable the quality thinking as early as possible.

This shift has transformed my perspective on QA, moving from merely ensuring we are building the right product to equally focusing on building the product correctly. Now, I am equally interested in participating in various team conversations with different individuals beyond testers, and validating my thoughts as a generalist without any bias. 🤝

This shift has played a significant role in my continuous improvement as a QA professional.

I believe that my evolving understanding of QA may have, in even the slightest possible way, contributed to the collective efforts of my team in delivering better software.

For those interested, I also maintain a GitHub account where I store my code for reference. I write in Medium as well.

I can be reached out at hello@qaexpertise.com.

Thanks! Happy Learning!!